Coolroom 777 - 5 cubic

Category: Cool Rooms



How to operate (Operation Instructions):

  • Connect Power 
  • Do not adjust temperature controller – must call MAK if there are any temperature issues 
  • Cool Down prior to loading

Special Features:

  • Entrance over Drawbar
  • Inside & outside light
  • Suitable for smaller functions

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Empty and clean out 
  • Return to hired condition 


  • Keep door closed to maintain consistent temperature 
  • Early morning or late night delivery required for Summer/Hot days 


Technical Data:

Power 10 AMP - (Power outlet must be within 25 meters of the unit. Only one extension lead is allowed.)
Dimensions and Capacity External dimensions
4500mm long x 2000 mm wide x 2700 mm high
Internal dimensions
1450 mm long 1850 mm wide 2000 mm high
Shelving option (removable)
L shape 2 ea , xxxx mm long x 500mm wide
1 ea xxxx mm long x 500 mm wide
Door opening width – 800mm
Unit will cool within 2 hours, however if used for copious amounts of warm beverage, the unit requires up to 2 days to cool product.


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