Gas Deep Fryer Waldorf

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1. Connect Gas bottle and turn on gas.

2. Turn the black nob from OFF position to PILOT and press and hold for 1-2  minutes

3. Press the RED IGNITOR button to light the fryer while holding the black nob and then release the  black nob once the pilot is lit

4. Turn the black nob from PILOT position to ON and the fryer will start 

 5. Turn the theromostat dial to desired tempertaure


Troubleshooting -

Q: Fryer won’t light 

A:  Follow instructions above, check gas connection, check for gas leaks and kinked hoses. 


Ensure that the O Ring is on so the gas does not escape.

If you can hear gas leaking the O Ring may be off. Shut down immediately

Dimensions and Capacity 450 mm Wide
810 mm Deep
910 mm High (Bench Height)
Capacity Approx 20 - 25 L


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