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NOTE: Please note trays are supplied at additional cost


How to operate:

CONTROL PANEL (From left to right)

Switch 1 – (white circle with 1/0) – Humidity On/Off Button 

Switch 2 – (row of lights) Humidity rate indicator light

Switch 3  - (Left arrow) – Humidity rate reduction button 

Switch 4 - (Right arrow) – Humidity rate increase button 

Switch 5 – (Black outlined rectangle) – General luminous On/Off switch 

Switch 6 – (Up and down arrow and temp display) – Regulator 

Switch 7 – (Black rectangle on far right) – Heat switch 


  1. Connect Power

  2. To adjust temperature 
    Set the luminous switch at position 1
    Wait until a temperature is displayed on regulator 
    Press the SET button twice until the programmed value can be read, followed by the programmed value. 
    To change the value, press the – or + arrows. To save the new value, twice press the Fnc button.

  3. Humidity Rate Setting  
    Set the luminous switch at position 1.
    Set the heat switch at position 1
    Turn on the humidifier function by pressing Humidifier on/off button 
    The green indicator light will light up to a number based on the most recent setting. One lit indicator (minimum setting) indicates the lowest humidity rate and six lit indicators indicate the highest humidity rate (100%)
    To increase or reduce the humidity rate, press switches 3 and 4 
    You will need to find the ideal humidity by trial and error
    Note – the humidity rate in the cabinet can vary from one day to the next due to weather conditions 

Operating Hot

Set the luminous switch at position 0
Connect the 2P + T plug to the power supply 
Set the luminous switch at position 1
Place the heater switch at position 1

Adjust the temperature (up to 2/3 loaded 80 degrees C and fully loaded 90 degrees C)
Adjust the humidity level in accordance with the temperature of the cabinet in order to limit risk of condensation:
*75 degrees C: maximum of 2 diodes lit 
*85 degrees C: maximum of 4 diodes lit
*95 degrees C: all diodes may be lit 
If you notice significant signs of humidity, reduce the number of diodes lit.

Fill the tank if required: the tank is located at the lower rear part of the cabinet, between the two wheels. Pull it towards you to fill it.  There is a stop on the support for when it reaches filling position. Remove the cap.
The tank has a 3litre capacity, corresponding with the min. usage duration of 16 hours. 
After filling, replace the cap and push the tank back under the cabinet.
Water characteristics: softened water (lime free) or deionised water

Pre heat the cabinet (45 minutes)

The cabinet can then be used 

If the cabinet is unplugged after loading, and at fully loaded, the foodstuffs (previously heated to a temperature of more than 63 degrees C) will stay at this temperature for 1.5 hours.

The humidifier is required when keeping loaded plates at temperature (or loose foodstuffs in trays without covers). It enables you to maintain the quality of foodstuffs on uncovered plates for a maximum of one hour. This time varies considerably depending on the products. You will need to adapt times to your preparations by trial and error. In the event that you use plate covers (recommended), the humidifier will maintain the quality of foodstuffs throughout the serving period. 

Operating Cold

Fully loaded, the foodstuffs (previously chilled to a temperature of less than 3 degrees C) will be preserved for 2 hours at a temperature of less than 10 degrees C.
The use of GN 1/1 cold blocks (or GN 1/3 for the GN 12 cabinet) at -12 degrees C (previously deep frozen), considerably increases the temperature maintenance time (8 hours minimum fully loaded). They are recommended if you are only putting small quantities in to the cabinet. 
Turn the heat switch to position 0. The humidifier control is automatically disabled.
Do not adjust the regulator. 
Insert the cold blocks:
GN 20: 1 on the upper slider and 1 on the bottom one
Let the temperature drop to less than 3 degrees C (approximately one hour). Fully loaded, you can introduce the foodstuffs at the same time as the cold blocks.
Introduce the refrigerated foodstuffs

* WARNING – the time that the foodstuffs are maintained at less than 3 degrees C depends on the load, the initial temperature and the frequency with which the doors are opened.

Cleaning instructions

Wipe the inside and outside with Damp Soapy Soft Cloth ONLY

MAK will clean wire racks 


When you power up, nothing lights up:

A:  Check the power supply, check that the luminous switch is set at position 1, check the glass fuse located at the rear top of the cabinet

The cabinet does not heat:

A:  Check that the heat switch is a position 1

When in use the display for the regulator and luminous switch goes out:

A:  The safety thermostat has cut off the cabinet, contact hirer.

E1 is displayed on the regulator:

A: The probe is defective. Check the connection to the regulator. Replace probe if the message does not disappear.

The humidifier indicators do not light up:

A: Check that the heat switch is a position 1

Humidification is inadequate. 

A: The spray jet is blocked. Unplug the cabinet, disassemble the air circuit, remove the yellow jet located above the resistor. Using a screwdriver, remove the filter located inside the jet, check that the hole inside the jet is not blocked. Soak the filter in a tartar dissolving solution. Reassemble the jet, filter and air circuit. 


Power 15 AMP
Dimensions and Capacity 760 mm Wide
945 mm Deep
1125 mm High

Weight approx. 90 kg
Capacity 20 tray with 4 wire racks - Trays Supplied at additional cost
Special Feature Humidity Adjustor - Lockable wheels


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