Eloma Joker Combi Oven

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650mm Wide
750mm Deep
1630mm High


Requires 15amp 240 Volt Single Phase power.
If the Steam Function is required, a water connection that is either 3/4 inch or 1 inch size (a normal garden hose connection) with minimum 2 bar pressure.


6x 2/3 GN trays (can be supplied at an additional cost)

How to operate:


  1. Water plugged in and turned “On” (only if Steam is required)
  2. Press Red button on Water Filter until Water squirts out
  3. Power plugged in and turned “On”
  4. Press “On/Off” Key
  5. Manual Screen will appear with 150°C & 50% Water
  6. Use the “Arrows” below the ON/OFF Key and select desired temp setting
  7. If no water is connected use “Arrows” and move Water to 0%
  8. Press “OK” (centre of arrows)
  9. Yellow field appears for time, select with “Arrow” to desired Cooking Time
  10. Press “Start/Stop” Key
  11. Ovenwill start and alarm will sound when cooking cycle is completed

Manual with Probe

Follow as above steps 1 to 9

  1. Yellow field appears for time, press “OK” again
  2. Yellow field appears next to probe, select desired Temperature with arrows.
  3. Press “Start/Stop”
  4. Oven will start and alarm will sound when cooking cycle is completed

Do not use Hand Shower in Oven if temperature is over 120°C

Cleaning instructions:

Wipe the outside with Damp Soapy Soft Cloth ONLY

Oven has Auto Clean Function

  • Select special program key
  • Special Program screen appears, press auto clean (2nd from left)
  • Select with arrow desired 1-5 program
  • Press Start/Stop Key
  • Do NOT open Door while cleaning is in progress

Q: Oven powers up but does not start

A: Ensure that door is properly shut

Q: Oven does not steam

A: Check Water supply, press the red button on Water filter
Temperature of Cabin needs to be less than 110°C

Q: Can Oven be removed from the Frame?

A: No

Q: Can Oven be carried upstairs?

A:Yes, we need to know so we can bring special Lifting Equipment

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