Heatlie Gas Warming Oven

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650mm Wide
680mm Deep
1370mm High




12 x Wire Racks provided – Fits 12x 65mm Gastronome trays (wire racks to be removed to fit trays

Trays provided at an additional cost

  1. Connect Gas
  2. Turn on valve at gas cylinder
  3. Turn on gas by pushing down knob and rotating to HIGH (anti clockwise). This also engages the flame failure. Continue to hold down the knob.
  4. Light immediately by pressing the Piezo ignitor. If ignition does not occur release knob and wait 30 seconds before trying again.
  5. Once burner is alight, continue to hold down knob for a further 30 seconds and then release.
  6. After use, turn off knob control and valve at the  gas cylinder.

Cleaning instructions

Remove burner, use oven and grill cleaner inside. Hose out.

Soft damp cloth on outside.

MAK will clean wire racks

Q: If unit won’t light

A:  Follow instructions above, check gas connection, check for gas leaks and kinked hoses.

Ensure that the O Ring is on so the gas does not escape.

If you can hear gas leaking the O Ring may be off. Shut down immediately

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