2 & 1/2 Bay Bain Marie





Holds 5 x 1/2 GN 65mm Trays

How To Operate

  • Fill the tank with fresh clean water to a level where the base of the tray is touching the water when it is in place
  • To turn “ON” the Bain Marie rotate the on/off dial to “On” position
  • Rotate the thermostat knob to set the desired operating temperature


  • Ensure the power is off and the bain marie is cool before attempting to clean any of part the unit
  • Drain the water from the tank
  • Wipe down the bain marie with a clean, damp sponge or cloth
  • Ensure power is on, water is filled to correct level and temperatures are set
  • Ensure the tap is turned off and in the correct position; when draining turn the tap in opposite direction

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