Cool Room Huge A380 12m3

Walk in refrigeration on trailer

  • Inside and outside light
  • Suitable for large functions
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External Dimensions

5000mm Length (includes towbar)
2500mm Wide
2700mm High

Internal Dimensions

2270mm Wide (A)
2270mm Deep (B)
2000mm High (C)


10amp: Power outlet must be within 25 metres of the unit. Only one extension lead is allowed


Approx. 120 cases

Shelving Option

Removeable shelves x 2 (3 tiered)
2100mm L x 600mm W


How To Operate

  • Connect power using lead provided
  • Do not adjust temperature controller. Please call MAK if there are any issues with temperature
  • Allow Cool Room to cool down prior to loading


  • Empty cool room
  • Wipe down shelving and sweep up rubbish
  • Cool room must be returned in original hired condition
  • Keep door closed to maintain temperature
  • Early morning or evening deliveries required during Summer/hot days

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