Cool Room/Freezer 9.5m3/4m3

Walk in refrigeration and freezer on trailer

  •  Inside and outside light
  • Suitable for large functions
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External Dimensions

7000mm Length (includes towbar)
2500mm Wide
2550mm High

Internal Dimensions

2000mm High (A)
1400mm Deep (B)
1800mm Wide (E)

2600mm Deep (C)
2000mm High (D)
1800mm Wide (E)

Door Opening Width: 800mm


2 x 10amp: Power outlet must be within 18 metres of the unit. Only one extension lead is allowed


Cool Room:
Approx. 100 cases


1.5 tonnes

Shelving Option

Removeable shelves x 2 (3 tiered)

Cool Room:
2500mm L x 400mm W

1200mm L x 400mm W

How To Operate

  • Connect power using lead provided
  • Do not adjust temperature controller. Please call MAK if there are any issues with temperature
  • Allow Cool Room to cool down prior to loading


  • Empty cool room
  • Wipe down shelving and sweep up rubbish
  • Cool room must be returned in original hired condition

Special Instructions

  • Unit requires a vehicle for placement – cannot be pushed manually
  • Keep door closed to maintain temperature
  • Early morning or evening deliveries required during Summer/hot days

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