Bratt Pan 80L Mareno LPG 10amp


800mm Wide
990mm Deep
870mm High


Requires 10amp power and LPG (Gas Bottle provided)

How to operate:

  1. Connect Power and connect to Gas.
  2. Press pilot light, turn on to pilot and listen for a clicking sound to ignite.
  3. Check between panels to see if lit (it may take some time for air to bleed and gas to come up the hose).
  4. Release and turn on to the big flame.
  5. Use two dials – Temperature and 1-8 dial intervals

Cleaning Instruction:   

Manual Use Oven and Grill Cleaner and scrub vigorously

MAK will clean wire racks

Q: Will not light

A: Check gas connection and allow time for air bleed and gas to come up hose.
Also ensure that the O-Ring is on so that the gas doesn’t escape. It is found on the end of the regulator, and if it’s missing there would be a spare one cable-tied to the regulator.

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